About Us

A nugget of information on who, why and what we are


It started with a question, how can we eliminate the process of someone bringing a vehicle into our shop and then having our customer's call a friend, family member, or a cab to pick them up. We couldn't find a good answer and that's when Shine Bros Ltd. wanted to step up to the plate when it comes to customer service, now you won't need to worry about coming into our shop as we provide drop off and pick up services for our customers. This has helped our customers a lot and that's what we're here for!


Our goal here at Shine Bros is simple, to bring your vehicle back to as new condition as possible and that you won't ever need to look for another detailing shop again! For our commercial clients we are also here to help grow your business by saving you time that you could be using on other projects, by saving you money on the man hours it takes to have your vehicles/equipment cleaned, and most importantly we are here to help get rid of the headache of having to schedule/deliver your fleet vehicles for detailing when we can valet your vehicles or come to you if the space is available!


Phone: 587.834.2767
Email: levi@shinebros.ca