We offer a wide range of services to make your vehicle shine


These prices are ranged and a final quote will be based on the condition of your vehicle.
Additional fees could occur for extra soiled vehicles.
Add-ons start at $60 (Engine Bay Cleaning, Headlight Restoration, Odour Removal)

Basic Interior Detail | 1-3 hours (Maintenance cleaning)

  • Clean floor mats
  • Complete vacuum
  • Wipe down leather seats
  • Wipe down on all hard surfaces
  • Wipe down all door jambs
  • All vehicles $80-180

Premium Interior Detail | 4-6 hours

  • All Basic Interior Detail +
  • Shampoo and steam the whole interior
  • All rubber, vinyl, and plastic surfaces (e.g. door panels, cup holders, dash, etc.)
  • Spot/stain treatment
  • Pet hair removal
  • Leather cleaning/treatment
  • Carpets & Cloth seats shampooed and/or steamed (Whatever is needed to get the job done)
  • Interior glass cleaning
  • Small $200-250 Medium $225-275 Large $250-300
  • (Small: Miata/GTI, Medium: Toyota Camry/Range Rover, Large: SUV/Truck)

Premium Wash | 1 hour (Maintenance cleaning)

  • Full shampoo with our quality mits and products
  • Bug removal
  • Clean wheels/wells, tires & gas cap
  • Dry the vehicle using our specific waffle drying towels
  • Apply a spray wax to bring out the shine and protect the paint
  • Clean exterior glass and windows
  • Dress the tires to make them shine
  • Note: Ceramic sealant upgrade - $20 extra (This includes everything from the premium wash but instead of wax we use a ceramic sealant to give the paint a better shine and it will protect the paint for 6 months as long as the vehicle is washed with a PH neutral soap after it's applied)
  • All vehicles $70

Luxury Wash | 2 hours

  • Premium Wash +
  • Ceramic sealant treatment
  • Iron removal wash
  • Light clay bar treatment to remove any contamination or fall out on the paint
  • All vehicles $150

iron removal wash, and then the vehicle also receives a )

Wash 'N' Clay | 3-4 hours

  • Premium Wash +
  • Cleaning tires, wheels, and fenders with variety of brushes to reach all areas
  • Thorough hand cleaning of the exterior including door jambs
  • Clay bar paint to remove stuck on dirt and debris (Your paint will feel very smooth)
  • Apply a layer of wax or sealant to all painted surfaces by hand or machine for shine and protection
  • Small $120-180 Medium $180-240 Large $200-300
  • (Small: Miata/GTI, Medium: Toyota Camry/Range Rover, Large: SUV/Truck)

Wash 'N' Shine | 4-6 hours

  • Premium Wash + Wash 'N' Clay +
  • Two stage polish to help bring out the shine and clarity of your vehicle (this polish helps by removing the micro-scratches & swirls that can be left over from automatic car washes)
  • Touch up any detailed areas like the emblem, exhaust, grille
  • Apply a ceramic sealant to protect that shiny paint
  • Small: $260-320 Medium: $360-420 Large: $420-520
  • (Small: Miata/GTI, Medium: Toyota Camry/Range Rover, Large: SUV/Truck)

Full Meal Deal Package | 8-10 hours

    Deposit: We will ask for a $150 deposit only on bookings for Wash 'N' Shine services as this could be a full day job